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SIEM Detection Format

The shareable
detection format for
security professionals.

Get the most out of the Sigma ecosystem in your SIEM, and start using thousands of great security detections from the community and beyond.

title: AWS Root Credentials
description: Detects AWS root account usage
    product: aws
    service: cloudtrail
        userIdentity.type: Root
        eventType: AwsServiceEvent
    condition: selection and not filter
    - AWS Tasks That Require Root User Credentials
level: medium
sigma convert ‑t splunk ‑p config.yml ...
sourcetype="aws:cloudtrail" userIdentity.type="Root"
NOT eventType="AwsServiceEvent"

What is Sigma?

Share detectable malicious behaviour.

Sigma is a generic, open, and structured detection format that allows security teams to detect relevant log events in a simple and shareable way.

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